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How We Save the BWCA

We have partnered with Save The Boundary Waters to donate one dollar for every product purchased. 

How do we do this?

Every quarter we count how many products were sold in the past three months, this includes stickers, hoodies, tees, and every product in our catalog. Then we donate the sum to Save The Boundary Waters through their donation system, you will be notified of our donations via the email list (sign up below), and on our social media.

Why don't we donate more?

To provide premium and high quality products (that people actually want to wear) costs much more than other apparel might cost. This mean our margins are already very low so we can't financially go much higher. We thought that we could have people donate money and get clothing they love at the same time without having to pay too much. To help us make more clothing you can donate at checkout, or you can donate directly to Save The Boundary Waters to donate more.