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About Us

Hi, I'm Elliot Sjaastad

I am a 15 year old photographer, entrepreneur, and lover the BWCA. I created North Woods Apparel to spread awareness and to help save the BWCA. After going to YMCA Camp Du Nord every summer since I was 3, my family and I developed an interest for the Northwoods and BWCA. The area means everything to me and I want to protect it.

Where Does the Money Go?

Save The Boundary Waters is an organization created to prevent mining in the area. (you should definitely check out their website) We donate at the end of every quarter depending on how many products we sell that month. More information here

Is Your Clothing Sustainable?

Yes, and it will get even better in the future. Currently we print on demand to prevent material waste. You may notice some of the product are labeled as ECO, this means they are made of an eco friendly material (specific information in the description of the product). But eco friendly clothing shouldn't cost a premium, that is why we are working to lower costs and eventually replace all of our products with the eco friendly lower-cost variant.